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        Lithium Tert-butoxid
        CAS No.:1907-33-1
        White or light yellow powder, dissolved in toluene, hexane, tetrahydrofuran and other organic solvents.
        CAS No.:497-18-7
        Used as deoxidizer of boiler water. Widely used in medicine, herbicide, plant growth regulator, dyes and other industries.
        CAS No.:29490-19-5
        The production of cefazolin, cefcanai, cefazetone, azolidone cephalosporin, cefparo, cephalosporin BL-S339, furobenzole cephalosporin and other important pharmaceutical intermediates.
        Lithium methoxide
        CAS No.:865-34-9
        For lipid exchange and other organic synthesis reactions.
        CAS No.:25952-53-8
        Mainly used as a dehydrating agent in the synthesis of polypeptide, protein and nucleotide
        CAS No.:86-93-1
        It is mainly used as antifogging agent for photography, electroplating additives and chemical reagents. Stabilizer for photosensitive materials.
        CAS No.:4418-61-5
        Used for organic synthesis intermediates, electronic cleaners, automobile airbags, electronic products, etc.
        CAS No.:13183-79-4
        Used as an intermediate (side chain) of cephalosporin antibiotics, such as cefoxazole, cefoperazone, cefmondo, cefmetazole sodium, cefotetan, cefwitamine sodium.
        CAS No.:241-950-8
        Used in the synthesis of new generation cephalosporin antibiotics, the use of photosensitive stabilizer, metal oxidation and rust inhibitor, metal corrosion inhibitor
        5-Methyl tetrazole
        CAS No.:4076-36-2
        Important pharmaceutical intermediates
        CAS No.:1122-58-3
        4- Dimethylaminopyridine is a new type of high efficiency catalyst widely used in chemical synthesis. It has a high catalytic capacity in acylation, alkylation
        CAS No.:524-38-9
        Used as drug intermediates of Amika magnitude
        Dimethylamine hydroc
        CAS No.:506-59-2
        25Kg/ bag or 25KG/drum
        CAS No.:107-43-7
        CAS No.:219-989-7
        Intermediates and polypeptide protectors of ubenmex
        CAS No.:771-61-9
        Pharmaceutical, pesticide, liquid crystal material intermediates.
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