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        Lithium methoxide

        【English name】Lithium methoxide
        【Alias】Lithium methylate
        【CAS No.】865-34-9
        【Linear molecular formula】CH3OLi
        【Molecular weight】37.98
        【Product introduction】
        1.Pure product is white powder, content ≧99%, 10kg /fiber can packing.
        2.The solution is a colorless transparent solution containing about 10% methanol. Volatile, combustion, easy to decompose water from the air to produce lithium hydroxide solution turbidity, should be closed preservation. 500ml bottle, 30L cylinder, 300-500L storage tank. 
        【To use】 For lipid exchange and other organic synthesis reactions.
        【Packing】 According to the needs of users, we can provide all kinds of packaging products that are fully enclosed and resistant to external pressure. The products should be kept in maximum isolation from air and moisture during use, and stored at 2-5°C by freezing. It is best to use it once and for all.
        【Storage】Avoid impact, do not touch open fire, do not allow to contact with air and water.

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